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Specific Language Impairment

Specific Language Impairment or SLI refers to a diagnosis of those children who have issues with their communication (speech and language) while not having too many other sensory, motor or related issues. These children have largely language issues not associated with any other impairments.

Children with SLI may display varied characteristics. Some children with SLI have difficulty in understanding but can talk, while others can understand but cannot talk. There is also a sub group of children who find talking and understanding, both, equally difficult.

Children with SLI display characteristics that are varied depending upon the type of SLI. It may vary from having difficulty in producing correct sounds, speaking softly, not having a good vocabulary, making a lot of grammatical errors (since they have not mastered it) or not knowing how to use their words appropriately and effectively.

Early identification  and thereafter early intervention by providing adequate and appropriate stimulation is essential. Giving a good language environment which builds on the skills through a structured framework is crucial. 

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