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Unique Skills of Children with ASD

Just like children with ASD come with unique difficulties, they also come with unique skills. Certain combinations of differences results in these unique skills. These skills will be very different from person to person and the degree of it also varies. 

Musical Skills

Vocal skills, musical instrument reading, music composing, appreciation for classical music etc. 

Excellent Memory

Some children with ASD may have photographic memory and the ability to memorize data, numbers etc. 

Mechanical skills 

Many children with ASD have a good sense of mechanical skills. They find pleasure in doing the most complicated Lego games and puzzles. 

Language Skills

Some children with Asperger's syndrome may have excellent vocabulary and language. Even though it is paradoxical, a few children who had speech and language delay become writers later in life. 


Some have a keen eye for art, drawing and painting. Some are good with their hands and excel in sculpting and making creative things. 

Attention to details

While normal people get distracted by the events around, some children with ASD exhibit extreme focus and attention to the minute details

Math Skills

Sometimes excellent in any mathematical equations, sometimes only a few specific topics like geometry. 

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