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Dr Prathibha Karanth, Com DEALL Founder Director

Dr. Prathibha Karanth Ph.D. (Speech & Hearing)

Dr. Prathibha Karanth is the Founder Director and Managing Trustee of The Communication DEALL Trust.

She is a Speech Language Pathologist with over 40 years of experience in several national institutions in India. She has had a long standing interest in language disorders, both in children and adults. She has worked extensively in the areas of adult aphasias, acquired dyslexias, learning disability, specific language impairment and communication in autism/pervasive developmental disorders. Her work covers the clinical aspects as well as research and training. The development and the continuous fine tuning of the Com-DEALL program and model is the result of her vast and varied clinical experience and research interests.

Dr. Karanth has written 3 books, over 70 peer reviewed scientific papers and has presented over 250 papers at various seminars and conferences around the world


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