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As part of scaling up, the Com DEALL vision is to set up as many units in as far a geographical spread as there is a need for. The Trust is open to affiliations with Individuals, Organizations, Hospitals, Schools, N.G.Os, and Govt. bodies desiring to set up a unit.

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Affiliate with us

1. Organizations /individuals wanting to set up a Com DEALL unit are required to enter a memorandum of understanding (M.O.U.) with the Trust.

2. They are required to form a core team (that includes an OT, an SLP, a Sp. educator and a Co-ordinator), and attend a mandatory training program.  

3. The team will be trained in conducting assessments using the Com DEALL protocols and in using the manuals to plan & provide intervention.

4. Post this training, the team is monitored and supported by the Com DEALL monitoring team for a year or two.

5. After fulfilling all of the Com DEALL Star Rating System criteria, the unit is provided with an affiliation certificate.

6. This certification is required to be renewed every three years.

Visit our Units

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

During the last two decades, the program was scaled up to 40 units. As of March 2024,  we have 20 units that are affiliated with Com DEALL Trust, which provides various assessments and intervention services within the Com DEALL Model.  

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