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What Does not Help

While it is natural to be concerned and protective about your child, it is also essential to know what NOT to do. This page is all about the DON'Ts 



  • Do not change treatments and therapists frequently. Developmental issues cannot be treated like infections. Children take a long time to get adjusted to a intervention/therapist and start showing any progress. Frequent changes will not only delay the process but also confuse the child.
  • Do not expect the therapist to do the magic. While a child spends one to three hours with a therapist, s/he spends the remaining 21 hours with you. Parents need to work with the child just like the therapist, even more to make the magic, work. 

At Home

  • Do not be over-protective of your child. Do not compete tasks for your child. Let your child learn by trial and error. E.g. Let him try to eat by himself even if he makes a mess!
  • Do not compare your child with other children. 
  • Do not talk or discuss about your child's problems to others in front of him (even if you think s/he doesn't understand)
  • Do not pressurize him to talk but encourage him to listen and participate. 

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