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Children with Communication Disorders- an introductory text by Prathibha Karanth (Orient Blackswan, 2009)


This book provides a simple, lucid and scientific account of the types of communication disorders that may be seen in children. Apart from serving as an introductory text on communication disorders in children, to students of speech pathology, it is also addressed to an audience of parents, teachers, and other concerned professionals. It deals with the wide range of communication disorders that is seen in children so as to be able to recognize them, implement preventive and remedial steps where feasible, and seek appropriate professional help when needed. It can also serve as an aid to families and professionals to identify and support children with communication disorders across a range of settings including homes, schools and clinics.

Learning Disabilities in India (Edited by P. Karanth & J. Rozario, Sage:New Delhi, 2003)



This book is, perhaps, the first of its kind in India, that brings together professionals from diverse fields who share their experiences of tackling the problem of LD in India. Highlighting the nuances and specificities of learning disabilities and disorders in the Indian context, the contributors cover a wide range of important issues.


Cross Linguistic Study of Acquired Reading Disorders: Implications for reading models, disorders, acquisition and teaching  (P. Karanth: Springer, 2003)



The study of acquired reading disorders has served as a touchstone of research on language and the brain. Researchers believe that an in-depth analysis of reading disorders could lead to comprehensive models of the representation of reading skills and its subcomponents in the human brain. Significantly, in the past decade, there has been an increase in the research on learning to read and write and on the factors affecting reading within broader cross-linguistic and cross-cultural perspectives. The author has compiled a source-book on cross-linguistic studies of reading disorders with data from the alphasyllabaries of India, in addition to showing the implications of these findings on the understanding of reading, its acquisition, and the developmental and acquired reading disorders and their management

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