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Why we need your generous support?

Therapy for young children with Autism / ASD

​Com-DEALL is a non-profit organization. It is self-financed and our clinical programs are self-sustained. However we need your support for the following reasons: 

1. We have many children on our program whose parents cannot afford the fees. We welcome donations in the form of sponsorship, that is, total/partial support of the fees of such children.

2. We require to raise funds for  infra-structure, building and to expand our clinical operations, research work and training wing in a permanent building. 


3. To further our clinical programs. We answer to the need on the ground and continue to create new programs for the needs of the children / families.

 Donors may like to know our 80G and FCRA exemptions are current. We are registered with the National Trust, Indian Institute of Corporate affairs and have a Guide Star India Registration Number as well. All these organizations have whetted our documents and found us worthy of being registered with them.

We ask you to kindly join our efforts in making a difference in the lives of children who need that extra help and thus strengthening our community.  If you wish to donate, please refer to the details below:


If you live in India, please make your donations to the "The Com-DEALL Trust" through a DD or cheque.

For online donations, please see details below.


Beneficiary name: The Com DEALL Trust

Bank Name: Canara Bank, D'Costa Square, Bangalore

SB A/C no:  0432 1010 24543

IFSC code: CNRB0000432


The Com-DEALL Trust is exempt from income tax under section 80G. 

Kindly note, these details are only for donations and not for purchase of any material / CommunicAids.

If you are making a donation from outside India, make use of our association with Voice of a Child organization. Voice of a Child is a non-profit 501c(3) tax exempt organization under the US government based at California, USA.  You can make your payment through their online payment gateway. Mention Com-DEALL Trust while making your payment. Click here to make a donation when outside India and through the 'Voice of a child' webpage.



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