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Teaching tools for parents and therapists
(Com DEALL Kits)

These tools have been developed to aid behavioral and communication skills of young children with developmental disabilities. They are easy to use and each includes a manual to guide the adult (parent or professional) on how to use it. Please note, on placing an order  - Courier charges (depending on number of items ordered and distance) and VAT charges are applicable.

* Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


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Stories for Everyday Social Skills (Set I & II)



Children with communication disorders often have difficulty in managing routine everyday social skills such as greeting people appropriately or asking for a toy politely. These difficulties interfere in their social interactions especially with peers. The stories for everyday social skills (set I and II) enable the child to understand social expectations and norms by laying emphasis on social cues and expected behavior. 

The Basic Pragmatic Kit

​​The Basic Pragmatic Kit introduces some aspects of social communication / pragmatics which include - labelling, greeting, requesting etc. The manual gives a step-by-step guide of how to teach each aspect in the kit. The kit consists of individual booklets for each skill, which are depicted by black and white line drawings. This kit is intended to provide the user with a model of how one could train a child to master these aspects of communication that are essential for everyday social interactions.

The Advanced Pragmatic Skills Kit


The Advanced Pragmatics Skills Kit is a sequel to the basic kit. It introduces complex pragmatic skills such as conversational repair and stylistics, amongst others. Similar to the Basic Pragmatic skills kit, this also has a manual that illustrates how to teach each concept in a hierarchical manner. The booklets with drawings provide a model on how to train these aspects of communication for everyday social interactions.

With a Little Bit of Help 


"With a Little Bit of Help An Early Language Training Kit" is also distributed by the Com DEALL Trust. This kit was prepared jointly by Prathibha Karanth, R Manjula, Y. V. Geetha & K. S. Prema and is published by Books for Change.

The kit consists of drawings (of over 700 cards) that teach concepts across semantic and systactic skills in a hierarchical manner.

The manual sold with the cards as a part of the kit, clearly shares steps to build each concept and also has an index for the cards. The manual is available in eight different languages including - English, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Oriya and Malayalam.

Oro-motor Kit +Orosensory Kit 1 and 2


The oro-motor kit is a collection of items such as brushes, horns, whistles and straws which help improve the sensory and motor functions of the oral structures. Working with the oro-motor kit facilitates in improving airflow and developing strength in specific muscles of the oral structures. This, in turn, leads to appropriate vegetative functions and development of the components of speech production.

The manual, that supplements the kit, not only gives clarity on how to use the items of the kit, but additionally also provides suggestions on how to build the oro motor skills within the home / therapy envionement.


This is one of our more popular kits!

Proto-vocabulary Kit

The proto vocabulary kit assists in recording a child's utterances and is used to shape the child's utterances by assigning meaning.

The kit consists of a proto vocabulary folder for nouns and one for verbs. Each of the folders exists in a skeletal format wherein photos of ‘proto-words’ can be placed. This kit will assist and guide the parent / therapist of the child with a communication disorder, in providing the much needed support and reinforcement for the child to express himself / herself more adequately.

The supplementary manual, not only delineates how the pictures / photos must be assigned but gives further guidance also. The kit also gives samples of ‘proto words’ to assist the family / therapist to begin the process of using it.

Communication Ring


The Communication ring is a simple key chain that has provisions for pictures or words to be added onto it.


It is meant for children and adults to use when ‘on the go’ and to be able to communicate their needs at any location. The ring is to be customized to the child’s situation, needs and skill level. It can be clipped on as convenient and also be used by families to assist in preparation of a child (for future activities).


The ring is most useful for children with limited communication skills or for those who need or enjoy routines and therefore need preparation for any changes in routine.


Training Videos


Training videos have been prepared for in-house training of affiliate staff and parents at the Com DEALL Trust - Head Office. 

In one set, 5 video CDs are available, in the domains of: Pre- requisite Learning Skills (PLS), Motor, Communication, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Cognitive, Social and Emotional skills.


The videos demonstrate several activities that have been delineated in the PLS and Intervention manuals along the eight developmental domains (Toddlers and Preschooler).


The videos have been prepared in English and dubbed into Hindi also.

Price: These videos are not for sale



Com DEALL Visual Kit


The Com DEALL Visual Kit has been designed to further skills of children with ASD in a variety of environments, by capitalizing on their potential to learn visually. The Com DEALL Communication Ring can be used along with this kit.


The kit consists of a first - then board, visual schedule, basic communication board, pictures that can be used in the same as well as the communication ring, along with a folder to hold all together. 



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*The costs are indicated in INR and the stated costs applicable in India and South East Asia only. For purchase from other regions, please contact our office for more details. 

# Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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