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Our Group Leaders

Certification of group leaders

On completion of a minimum of 3 years of leading a team to run a DEALL group, the therapist (generally called as group leader of the group) is eligible for being officially recognized and certified as a 'Group Leader' by the Com DEALL Trust, subject to the individual meeting certain criteria set by the Com DEALL Trust. Such recognition empowers the professional to lead a group 'independently' of the Com DEALL Trust and establish their own DEALL units if they so desire. The following therapists have gained recognition and certification as our Group Leaders:

Ujwala Aluri (2005)- Speech therapist

Ujwala completed her Bachelor's and Master's degree in Speech and Hearing at SRCISH in the year 2000. Even as a student she developed a keen interest in the area of language disorders and autism in particular. Her survey of the rehabilitation facilities available in Bangalore for children with autism at that time and the paucity of its quality and quantity were instrumental in our chalking out this multidisciplinary program. Though barely out of training, she braved all of the uncertainties and difficulties that a teething program is bound to face and has stood steadfast in her commitment to the ideals that DEALL aspires to. Having worked with us from 2000 to 2004, Ujwala is now in the United Kingdom.

Poornima Ram (2007)- Speech therapist

Poornima completed her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Speech & Hearing, both with a first Class, from the All India Institute of Speech & Hearing Mysore in 2002 and 2004 respectively. Poornima has had a specific interest in the Autism Spectrum Disorders right from her student days as evidenced by the fact that her master's dissertation was in this area. It was probably this keen interest in ASD that brought her to join our staff in 2004.  Poornima, during her duration of work with us, had mastered the philosophy and service delivery mode of the Communication DEALL program and matured into an energetic group leader with exceptional commitment to children with ASD.

Tanushree Saxena-Chandhok (2009)- Speech therapist


Tanushree Saxena-Chandhok has an enviable academic record having consistently been a topper of her class from her school finals to her post graduation. She has won gold medals for her performance at the Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Speech and Hearing at the premier national institute in the field, the All India Institute of Speech & Hearing, Mysore, in June 2003 and May 2005.

Since 2006, Tanushree, has been an asset to the Com DEALL program and the AAC component of the Communication DEALL program in partucular, has been the result of her sustained work.


Ezhil Christophel Mary (2012)- Special Educator

Ms C. Ezhil Christophel Mary is the team leader at the Com DEALL unit in Puducherry. She has been with the Com DEALL program since 2009.She has done her post graduation in Rehabilitation science and B.Ed. in special education She is currently pursuing her Ph. D. Her background and expertise has played a big role in her continuing success in this chosen field. She is a dedicated therapist and is an asset to the Com DEALL family.



Pallavi Dinesh (2012)- Clinical psychologist

Ms Pallavi Dinesh is the team leader from the Com DEALL unit at S R Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech & Hearing, Bangalore. Coming with a background in Clinical Psychology Ms Pallavi is very dedicated to her profession and cares deeply about the children she works with. She thoroughly enjoys the challenges and rewards during work and her dependable nature and approach is admirable. Ms Pallavi is an ideal co worker, highly capable and a very calm person.



Suparna Giridhar (2012)- Speech therapist

Ms Suparna Giridhar completed her Bachelor’s degree in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology and has been a core member of the Com DEALL team at Welcare Institute of Speech & Hearing Calicut, until recently. Ms Suparna has shown herself to be a supportive team player and a sincere individual. She is always seeking new and better methods to work with the children,their families and has done wide-ranging work in building awareness about the Com DEALL program in Calicut.


Lekshmi Priya (2012)- Special Educator

Ms Lekshmi Priya completed her Post Graduate diploma in Clinical Child Development and has been with Com DEALL Bangalore since September 2007 and is a senior developmental educator who is currently overseeing the group programs running at the Head Office. She has an excellent rapport with everyone , especially children. Her ability to connect with the children and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly commendable. She is extremely organized and is a reliable team member.



Priya Buran (2012)- Occupational Therapist

Ms Priya Buran is an Occupational Therapist who was until recently working at Com DEALL Bangalore.Ms Priya is a meticulous, committed professional who thoroughly enjoys her work at Com DEALL. She is energetic, well organized and is always approachable. Ms Priya shows great initiative in her work, high perseverance and positive attitude.She is held in high esteem both by the parents and professionals.



Kunjan Sanghvi (2012)- Special Educator

Ms Kunjan Sanghvi is the developmental educator in the Mumbai Com DEALL unit; she has completed her Post graduate Diploma in Special Education. Ms Kunjan’s amicable nature and outstanding ability to easily interact with children, their families and co workers is deserving of praise. She is highly motivated, constantly striving to get better. She is an enthusiastic therapist and shoulders any responsibility given to her.


Tanuja Talele (2013)- Speech Therapist


Ms Tanuja Talele is a speech therapist with over 9 years of experience in various forms of clinical setups and teaching. Her main areas of interest are childhood speech and language disorders as well as adult neurogenic speech and language disorders. She is the team leader of the Com DEALL unit at Octave Hearing and Speech Centre Pvt Ltd. Bangalore. She has worked with us at the head office for a period of 2 years. Tanuja is a versatile team player who demonstrates a keen ability to multi task. With her energetic, ‘can do’ positive attitude and her creative approach to willingly reinvent herself in light of the needs of the children, Tanuja is a valuable addition to the Group Leader fold of the Com DEALL Trust.  



Farrahnaz (2014)- Occupational Therapist


Ms. Farrahnaz had beeen working as an occupational therapist at the Com DEALL Mumbai Unit.


Farrahnaz is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and has a full time experience of 12 years in working with children with developmental and neurological disabilities. She  completed her Bachelors degree from Seth G.S.Medical college and KEM Hospital, Mumbai and then pursued her Masters in  USA with specialisation in the field of paediatrics.  She topped the University and is a licensed therapist in USA (till date). After working there for a few years she came back to India and worked at DEALL (Mumbai)for seven years until 2015. Her She has various trainings to her credit like  Brain Gym and Handwriting without Tears (HWT) to name a few.  She is trained in Sensory Integration from the University of Southern California.  Besides treatments and private consultations she is also involved in training Parents and Professionals on various topics related to sensory processing, developmental delays, autism intervention ( sensory issues, behavioural issues, communication strategies). Farrahnaz is meticulous, motivated and constantly striving to get better. She is well organised and a reliable team member.

Deepu Manjunath (2015)- Developmental Educator


Ms. Deepu has been working as a Developmental Educator at the Com DEALL Head Office since the past 4 years. She has completed her Bachelor’s degree and B Ed from Bangalore University in 2004 and 2010 respectively. And also she has completed Com DEALL’s distance education program, Post Graduate Diploma in Early Intervention (PGDEI) during the year 2013-14.   

Deepu is very consistent in her assigned duties and is a hard worker. Deepu is a good team member and player and is ever-ready to help her colleagues whenever needed. Her experience as a teacher has come handy in dealing with children with delays. With the experience she has been able to successfully hone her skills in implementing school based knowledge for children; during her time at DEALL she has also successfully nurtured her ability to enhance skills of the youngest children that come to us! She has been able to build a good rapport with the children she intervenes with as well as their parents. Her biggest strengths include the ease with which she maintains documentation and time management, both which are crucial for work at DEALL. Not only is she able to follow the same, but she also ensures her team members  and peers stick by it also! She has been an asset the Com DEALL group programs she has led and been a part of, in specific she has helped shape the Com DEALL Pre DEALL – Pre Diagnostic Toddler program.


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