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Com DEALL Affiliations
Why and How?
Why Com DEALL is looking for affiliates?

The Com DEALL Trust has always been keen on expanding and replicating its model. However with need for high professional input and the lack of adequately trained manpower in India, we found it difficult to do so.  Further growth was only possible post documentation of our procedures (namely, the assessment and intervention processes). The support from the Sir Ratan Tata Trust and the Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust enabled us to document these effectively.  Subsequent to documentation, in 2009, the Com DEALL Trust was open to expansions in a big way.

At present, we are open to setting up more DEALL units, on request. Organizations or individuals interested in setting up units can be part of larger institutions, clinics, schools or preschools, anywhere in India or abroad.

We intend for the Communication DEALL program to be a viable model that can be replicated everywhere and anywhere! With training and adequate monitoring, we hope that the program can serve the ever-increasing number of children with communication disorders. We are therefore open to partnerships in setting up new units, producing additional materials and training of staff.

The Affiliation Process

An organization or individual can affiliate with us, after signing an agreement. In due course, they may be able to function as an ‘Independent Affiliates’ of the Com DEALL Family.

The Com DEALL Trust, Bangalore assists and monitors the unit (which is termed as being ‘under training') for a period of 1- 2 years. The strength of the program, which is documentation as well as other requirements of quality maintenance are encouraged and enforced at the unit under training. After a minimum duration of a year, of maintaining the same, the unit may be certified and can thereafter function independent of us.

Between 2012 and 2017 the NRTT, Mumbai is supporting a few deserving and registered NGOs across the country to establish Com DEALL Units, post scrutiny. If you are a professional / an organization with interest in establishing affiiations with Com DEALL, click here to message us.

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