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Admission process for Com DEALL EI program

Step by step process of enrollment to the Com DEALL EI Programs

1. The DEALL application form is to be downloaded from the web or collected from our Head office.

2. Send in the application form duly filled in with prescribed fee.

Be sure to put in your application early (any time during the previous academic year).

3. Applicants that are considered for admission (tentative) based on vacancies, availability and possible group fit, will be invited for a screening.  The DEALL team screens the child to ensure group fit.

4.  Selected applicants will be informed within a fortnight of screening, along with details of the group that the child is admitted into and the timings.

5. On receiving confirmation of selection, parents are to submit the required documents and make the prescribed payments within a week to confirm admission.

All applications are processed serially during the months of March- April for that particular academic year.

  The annual program will begin post June (depending on the batch) and continues till March end of the next calendar year.

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