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Our Master Trainers

Certification of Master Trainers
Group Leaders who continue to provide exemplary service within the philosophical outlook and training model of Com DEALL, beyond a period of seven years; are eligible to be considered for recognition as Master Trainers. Recognition as a Master Trainer empowers the individual to set up independent Com DEALL units and assist the Head Office in training others.

Deepa Bhat Nair (2010)- Speech therapist


Deepa completed her MSc in Speech and Hearing from the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore, with flying colours in 1994. Even as a student she had ably assisted Dr Karanth in working with children with communication disorders. Since graduation she has pursued her interest in children with language disorders, with exemplary commitment and success. She has single handedly established the DEALL unit in Mumbai and has brought in accolades and support for the program. She has a keen interest in parent empowerment and manpower generation, parallel to her clinical work and is active in spreading the DEALL philosophy through inter-professional interactions and talks at various forums. She is currently working with the Com DEALL Trust in the capacity of the Affiliations Coordinator.

She was certified as a Group Leader in 2005.

Nirupama Srikanth (2010)- Speech therapist


Nirupama graduated from the Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Speech & Hearing, Mumbai and completed her Master's degree in Speech & Hearing from AIISH, Mysore in 1995. She was instrumental in trying out the core intervention practices of the Communication DEALL program, while she worked with Dr Karanth at the Lakeside Medical Center and Hospital from 1999. Having lead the Ankura unit from 2003 to 2006, Nirupama was until recently working with the Head Office at Bangalore and was and will be continued to be held in high esteem by parents for her gentle but firm demeanor and her extraordinary clinical commitment. 

She was certified as a Group Leader in 2005.

Tanushree Saxena Chandhok (2013)- Speech therapist


Tanushree, is a gold medallist having a Master’s Degree in Speech and Hearing; she has been with The Com DEALL Trust since 2006. She is currently our Training Coordinator.Tanushree has previously held the positions of Research Officer and Speech Language Therapist at The Com DEALL Trust. Tanushree takes keen interest in staying abreast of the myriad developments at The Trust.We are always innovating and striving to meet the high targets we have set for ourselves. Tanushree makes every effort not only to stay abreast of these developments but also to contribute significantly to the growth of this organization, actively spreading the Com DEALL philosophy.

She was certified as a Group Leader in 2009.

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