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TESTIMONIALS of therapists from across units

“Joining Com DEALL early in my life is one of the nicest things that happened in my professional life. It helped me learn a lot and grow as a therapist. Com DEALL stands out for the quality of services and meticulous resources like the Com DEALL manuals. It influenced my life so much that I continued my association with it since the last 5-6 years.”-

Ms Tanuja Talele, Com DEALL certified Team Leader, Program Coordinator and SLP, Octave Hearing and Speech Centre, Bangalore.

“My earlier work as a psychologist has primarily been with children with emotional and behavioural disorders. My work with children with Developmental Disabilities has been broad based intervention with a focus on behaviour management, social and self help skills training. Our collaboration with Com DEALL enabled me to conceptualise a program for children with ASD by integrating multiple areas of intervention in a structured manner. The training provided by Com DEALL provided me the skills to do hands on work with this group of children and at the same time reinstated my faith in interdisciplinary approach to developmental disabilities.

Running the program in a tertiary care centre like VIMHANS has had its share of rewards and challenges in the last one year. We have observed the children showing exponential gains and responding remarkably to the inputs provided. The feedback from parents has been the most heartening. For the staff, the most satisfying has been learning to work together as a connected team. Our experience has been rewarding and we are hopeful of taking this program to more children who may benefit from it in collaboration with The Com DEALL Trust.” -


Dr. Deepali  Rao, Clinical Psychologist and Coordinator, Parikrama, Com DEALL Unit at VIMHANS, New Delhi.

“I have been working at Com DEALL in Mumbai since the last three years as an Occupational Therapist. I never realized when I grew to become a better person thanks to the excellent mentoring I have received. I put my heart and soul into this program because I like the way it works. It does not focus on the child’s development alone but helps parents and family in all possible ways, which I have never seen anywhere else in the past. I have faith in the program that it will continue to help children and families the way it is currently. In the end, I want to say a big thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”-

 Ms Avni Rana, Senior Occupational Therapist, Com DEALL (Mumbai)
Mr. Rakesh Rajan, Team Leader and Physiotherapist at Deepshika, Com DEALL unit at Ranchi.
Amrita. B. Baruah, Team Leader and Psychologist, Com DEALL unit at Shishu Sarothi, Guwahati.

“I have enjoyed the Com DEALL training. It has been eye opener for me, I have learnt so much. I am more confident now and eager to put this knowledge into practice. This is the course of the decade, I like the program for its well presented, systematic approach. The children get a good learning environment and the material is presented in a fashion that parents and therapists can understand easily. It helps to select the goals for physical therapy on an individual basis with inputs from parents , physicians and all other members of the Autism treatment team”-


“….No such services like Com DEALL (where proper reporting and goals are given to the children) are available in our region. The Com DEALL program is unique in this way and we are enriched professionally and personally to be associated with it. The Com DEALL Trust has afforded us the opportunity to start early intervention services and reach out to people who need it”.-

Mr.Niranjan Kumar, SLP and Coordinator , Com DEALL unit at Darpan, Ludhiana.

“….We were working with children earlier as well but we were not getting the results that we are getting now. We’ ve been with Com DEALL for over a year now and we have sent children to regular school also. They are coping quite well. The best thing about the Com DEALL program is that it has given us specific goals to work on. Working on these goals has given us excellent results, and parents are also happy, that gives us great satisfaction. This is a team game and when the whole team works together ,the results come accordingly. I am very satisfied with the way in which my team is working and happy about our association with Com DEALL.”-

The team from the Com DEALL unit at  Karthikeyan Child Development Centre, SRMC, Chennai.

“We are happy about working with the children in a group setting which helps the children learn skills and interact with peers leading to improvements in social, communication and emotional skills. The program’s focus on family involvement and use of visuals to communicate helps the child tremendously. The thrust on team work has helped us to hone our skills to work together effectively. We think Com DEALL is a wonderful program and we have truly enjoyed working in this program and gained a lot from it.”- 


Ms. Deepu Manjunath, Developmental Educator, The Com DEALL Trust Head Office, Bangalore

“ The foremost thing that occurs to me is the unity amongst all the staff. It is a place where each individual’s hard work is recognized-be it through the changes in the children or through the love and appreciation from the parents. The bond with the children, trust, love and respect from the parents encourages each one of us to do more. It fills me with pride to call myself a Com DEALL staff, specially since the organization is recognized as a premier institute in itself! Com DEALL has given me a platform to develop my personality and recognize my strengths.”


Ms. Lekshmipriya, Com DEALL certified Team Leader, Clinical Coordinator & Developmental Educator, The Com DEALL Trust Head Office, Bangalore.

“Com DEALL, for me, is all about working as a team. This early intervention program is crucial to helping the child and family through the difficult early years. I like its holistic approach and clear target of mainstreaming.

Working at Com DEALL brings new challenges and experiences which have helped me grow and build new skills each year. This organization has helped me to put my theoretical training into practise. I have developed skills that I never knew I was capable of, all thanks to the support from the organization and staff!”


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