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What our parents say about our program…
TESTIMONIALS of parents from across our units

Com DEALL early intervention programme and training has helped our child a lot. He had lot of difficulties when we came to com DEALL. He has gotten over his separation anxiety. His gross motor, fine motor skills, his attention span, his communication, his interaction with others have improved a lot.

We are very thankful to Com DEALL.

We are also looking forward to more help so that his skills improve even more.


Happy Com DEALL Parents ​(2013)

I would like to say my heartfelt thanks to Com DEALL for the services they provide. We came to know that our son has some delay in speech and other areas. So we cam to Com DEALL for therapy. They suggested OT and Speech therapy. After continuing for one year, we noticed improvements in different areas. Initially he was not responding to his name and also no interests in playing with toys. Now he know very well his name and also gets alert if someone calls. He likes to play with toys. He is fond of listening music and after hearing music he runs towards the area from where sound is coming. He knows English alphabets and objects starting with the,. He sings rhymes along with us. He knows numbers 1 to 50. He is learning new things.
We are continuing with Com DEALL to get settled remaining issues as
he is starting school this year. The support provided from Com DEALL is encouraging to us. We would like to say our sincere thanks to Com DEALL many times.
Thank you all.

Pre DEALL Parents ​(2013)

We were associated with Com DEALL iin '09 - '10 for our son, for early intervention and speech therapy, We would have made a total of 10 visits for one -one sessions with the therapists at Com DEALL, but till date I feel those sessions are what mattered MOST to my son who is now doing extremely well in Grade II at school. 


You and your team were our guiding force and pillar of strength at a time when both his pre-school and some counsellors had almost branded him Autistic, With your small suggestions, he picked up his language skills and today at the age of 8, he is a TOPPER at school with excellent communication skills and vocabulary,


Last year , in the Spell Bee Annual contest, he competed at the National Level (after passing through the School level, Inter school level,  and state level competitions).


Not a day has passed without me thinking of what Com DEALL has been and will always mean to him !

Parent of a child enrolled in 2009-10​
Betty George:  Mother of Abheek, child from the Noon Group 2011- 2012 ​

Parent of a child from the Pre DEALL Group

2011- 2012.

​"I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you and to the staff of Com DEALL who are doing so much for Abheek. Ever since Abheek enrolled with Com DEALL in July 2011, we have seen tremendous improvements in him, especially with regards to speech and language. We hail all the efforts put in by the staff at Com DEALL concerned with him. When Abheek joined here, his speech and language communication was very limited. But in the last 3 months we have seen him grow in leaps and bounds and it is such a joy to hear him speak to us! I have to admit that there have been moments when I have selfishly chosen not to respond to him just to hear him say it over and over again especially ‘Mama’. As a growing child I knew Abheek always understood whatever we asked him to do, but it was always frustrating for both him and us when we never understood him, as he wasn’t using speech as a communication till early this year. My frustration was if he could sing so well, why couldn’t he speak to us! And scream less to indicate a need! Thank you and your staff for working so hard and being so patient with Abheek!" 


" When my child was brought to Com DEALL he was not jumping….was in diapers and was not potty or toilet trained...he did not understand much of what was told to him…only communicated through signs…not looking at other children. I was anxious and worried…. After 6 months of therapy… he is able to jump confidently.. potty training is happening actively, no accidents outside home…able to come up with starting syllable of every word based on need…now able to mingle with children, takes note of them, able to play with simple toy. I am happy to see changes. I am so proud of him and I thank the therapist and Com DEALL for helping him through this journey. Without Com DEALL he wouldn’t have been potty trained because no other therapy centre supports potty training of a child so much since it is messy and I didn’t know how to do it when the child is not expressing it verbally…" 

Parent of a child from the Pre DEALL Group 2011- 2012.

"  ​​​​I came to DEALL when my child was 1 year 10 months with a complaint of speech (vocabulary was of only 5 words). After the evaluations at DEALL I came to know that my child was lagging in many areas which I didn't even know about. He had strengths of imitation, gross and fine motor skills. His weaknesses were, obviously, communication, and his understanding was okay for his age. ….

After intervention at DEALL (6 months), I see a lot of changes in my child. He has got waiting skills, listening skills to some extent has improved, follows commands, is toilet trained, issues with eating have been resolved, grown in areas of cognitive, social and emotional….communication intent has developed, easily uses gestures and pointing to communicate, expressive vocabulary has increased, understands well…However I have not felt his level of speech that is needed is met and this remains a major concern… I am thankful to Com DEALL and its staff who are dedicated and hard working without whom my son would not have reached this far……

Parent of a child from the Pre DEALL Group 2011- 2012.

Atul/ Tanu (Parents of child in Mumbai DEALL unit 2007-08)

My child came into Com DEALL with quite a few issues like virtually no speech, sensory issues, poor eye contact, fear of new places and strange noises etc. Even then he had certain strengths like a good memory, ability to grasp concepts and he was affectionate and friendly.At that time my husband and I were anxious and frustrated running from one therapist to another. We were looking for a stable environment which would take care of his problems and were happy to find DEALL. Since my son joined the program there is tremendous improvement in him. He has started communicating well. He expresses most of his needs verbally and he has started talking in short phrases…His sensory needs are being addressed …he understands almost all commands and even stories…he has learnt to trust and enjoy the company of people, other than us! … His play and imagination has really improved… My concerns now are that his sensory issues are yet to be stabilized as is his listening skills….I am less anxious now and my ability and confidence in handling my son is much more. We are enjoying being with our little boy and are confident that with help he will get over his issues."


" Our son was diagnosed to be having Pervasive Development Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) when he was two years old. We initially took him for individual sessions at the Mumbai Com-DEALL Unit and thereafter joined the DEALL program when he was 2 years and 2 months. At that time he could only utter a few sounds, his eye contact was very poor and so was his communication, comprehension and compliance. He took a few months to settle down in the group in DEALL program. The therapists at the DEALL Program are extremely caring and worked a lot with our son. Further, they provided us very useful inputs on things to do and how to work with him while at home. The therapists have been like family and apart from providing regular inputs on the focus areas they have taken time to address our questions and concerns. Our son has completed approximately seven months including the individual sessions and has commenced using nouns and a few verbs. Further, his eye contact has improved significantly and he is able to sit for longer duration  We are now very hopeful that our son will be able to reach the mainstream in the near future. We are very thankful to all therapists of DEALL at Mumbai who are working with our son."


Parent of a child from the Morning DEALL Group 2011- 2012

" Earlier we were worried as we didn't have an understanding where our child actually stands and she was just growing older. Our concerns with her lack of age appropriate skills was also growing. Since joining Com DEALL we have been able to understand our child in many ways – know her strengths and weaknesses - and also what we can do for her to improve her skills. Earlier the major concerns were of being non responsive, lacking listening, social and play skills... Eye contact and verbal skills were poor and she was restless and stubborn. Intervention at DEALL (6 months so far) has really helped our child in all the above set of skills to a reasonable extent, although her skills are lacking to be age appropriate still. However we are more confident that these skills can be achieved. Com DEALL has given us the direction in understanding the child better and in the ways to improve in the many areas which will help in the years to come!"


Lily Chakraborty,

Parent of a child enrolled in DEALL, Bangalore, 2007-08

" I have a three and a half years old boy called Ziko who is currently in the DEALL program. Almost one year back Ziko was diagnosed with ASD. That time we were in UK. Initially we, me and my husband, felt so depressed that we couldn’t make out what to do and what not. We started reading several books about ASD. Simultaneously we enrolled our child in the “NAS Early Bird Programme” in UK. But after five months I felt that there was no visible improvement. After that I started surfing internet to find if there was something else. Through this website I came to know about the Com - DEALL program. I decided to come back to India in the month of May 07 and enrolled Ziko in the DEALL program over here. Now he has improved a lot. The way all the therapists are working, is really commendable. Thanks to Dr Karanth and all her team."


A grateful mother, Mrs. Balaji. (COM DEALL parent 2007-08)

Parent of a child enrolled in DEALL, Bangalore 2007-08

Parent of child in Mumbai DEALL unit (2007-08)

A Happy Com DEALL parent

K. Subramanian & Mala Subramanian

" I am the mother of a 31/2 old girl child. My daughter had infantile spasms when she was 4 months old. Her development was delayed. ​We admitted her in the DEALL program in June 2007. I should say my daughter was lucky to get admission considering the popularity of the program and the long waiting list. ​At the time of admission, my daughter could only speak 4 words. ​​6 months into the DEALL program, she now speaks more than 30 words.​​ She is able to follow what we say and obeys instructions. She enjoys coming to school everyday. She comes home and sings rhymes and dances. Her social skills have improved tremendously. Our sincere thanks to Dr Prathibha Karanth and her devoted staff ​lead by Mrs. Poornima, Mr. Saravanan, etc. Com DEALL is a place full of positive energy. They set realistic expectations and exceed expectations. Subtle changes are seen in the child everyday, which leads to significant improvement over a period of time. They have the unique weekly notebook system, which fosters good communication between teachers and parents. Regular monthly meetings, special demonstrations sessions, home follow up instructions, home follow up activities during vacation, ensure that the teachers , child and parents act in unison like an orchestra. ​​We are lucky to get a person like Dr Prathibha Karanth and her dedicated and experienced staff to act like a lighthouse for our child.​​ ​My humble request is please open more centers, at least one center every 5 kms. In a nutshell, the Com DEALL program is efficient, effective, very professional. They under promise and over deliver. I have seen improvement in my child everyday. Like a Florence Nightingale, like a Maria Montessori, Dr Prathibha Karanth and her team is revolutionizing speech therapy. Thanks a lot and please open many more centers close to our homes."

" We came to know about the Com DEALL when our son was around 1 ½ years. Though we had consulted many before that, for his problems related to communication, we couldn’t get the required help. It was almost like a helpless situation when we came here. But only after coming here we realized that we aren’t late. Much can be done for our child’s problem. The program here targets the specific problems of each and every child and helps them to overcome it. They have a team of highly professional and dedicated staff who are always there with a smiling face to reach you out a helping hand. Whatever may be the concern we get relieved when we discuss it with them. They always give us a sensible and practical way of tackling the problems. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every staff of the COM DEALL program for their dedicated service. In short DEALL program is a BOON TO CHILDREN WITH COMMUNICATION DISORDERS."​​

" To express thoughts is cleverness but to translate them into action is brilliance. This is how I would describe DEALL. ​​The most important lesson DEALL has taught me is to BELIEVE IN MY CHILD. That is precisely what DEALL does - believes in every child that comes to them ​​​--- Man begins to achieve when he begins to believe. The systematic approach at DEALL has brought a remarkable change in my child within a short period of 5 months. There has been significant improvement in his sitting tolerance, eye contact, receptive language, behavior and awareness. At DEALL every child is looked upon as a distinctive individual with requirements of his own and treated according to his/her capabilities and needs, introducing right concepts/activities at the right time. The awareness that DEALL instills in me about the different behavioral patterns, psychological needs etc. of my child helps me work better with my child and the results are distinctly visible. The emphasis laid on parallel and self talk has helped me solve many problems that arise from time to time. The staff at DEALL and parents work as a team. The support, co-ordination, ideas and suggestions by the DEALL staffers is commendable. In plain words, for me DEALL is HOPE....... Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence."

"Life is not a bed of roses" Always heard of this since childhood but never actually knew what it meant, unless something happens in life something that hits you like a ton of bricks. I guess that’s exactly how one feels when you have a child with a problem. And then everything from there goes wrong, at least that’s how one feels. Accepting a problem is a major issue, it’s hard to accept something like this. One always feels that it its ok, it will get better on its own and that therapy is not something that is required for your child. But by the time you wake up and smell the coffee you feel you wasted so much time and so much could have been done. One starts running around to all the places possible and you feel you are kicked around like a foot ball. Some say this, some say that, go here, go there, we have only OT, we have only speech, talk to her that’s not my department etc, etc. Everyone is more or less trying to give a name to your child’s problem in whatever way they know. Then I heard of this place “The Communication DEALL Trust” and things changed once we came here. It was nice to see an organized place. It was good to see everyone taking good care of your child. It was good to see all the therapists and all the different departments working hand in hand, coordinating the efforts to achieve the same goal. Instead of naming your child with a problem, they are more focused on where your child stands, what needs to be done, when it’s to be achieved. It’s good to see people doing more than just a job, working more for dedication than for money. Loving your child for what he actually is, taking personal care of each child. I suddenly felt like I have nothing to worry about and that my child is in the best hands possible. Finally I think every person and every doctor should think like Dr Karanth and all the therapists in this place. Then we would be able to provide a better life and a better world for each one of these children. What my child is today I think the credit goes to each of them. Thank you one and all. 


" Our son Akash was not speaking till the age of 2yrs 4mths. We brought him to Dr. Prathibha Karanth for evaluation. His condition was diagnosed as SLI (Specific Language Impairment) and Dr Karanth enrolled him in the Communication DEALL Program. 

Akash has progressed remarkably well and acquired language, social and academic skills at a fast pace. He was given specific and comprehensive training to improve his speech, writing, reading etc at DEALL. Akash was in DEALL for 1year 6months and his improvement is phenomenal. Now he is 6years old and studying in UKG at a regular school. We take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr Karanth and her team and wish them all success in their endevours. We are also pleased to share our experience with any concenred parents or pofessional in this regard. 


" My association with DEALL started in the year 2002, when my child was enrolled in the DEALL program. I was introduced to the concept of speech therapy here. I came to know how to work in the area of speech and communication with my child. The speech therapist guided me on how to work with my child. The Com-DEALL program is the first of its kind of child development program, which provides a child with speech therapy, occupational therapy, special education- all under one roof. This program helps children interact and work in a group. My child benefited from this program and now I am proud to be a part of this program. I wish Com-DEALL the very best.

Santa B

Mr Kannan & Mrs. Priya Kannan

" My daughter, Latika, had a normal development till 9 months. After 9 months, we started to notice a change in behavior. Unfortunately, Latika also was diagnosed in the same spectrum. We started with individual therapy and then at 2yrs we enrolled her in the group therapy at DEALL. Her major issue was compliance. At a stage, I was stressed a lot. Dr. Prathibha Karanth and the therapist helped me to overcome the difficulty. At the end of the first year, she started to utter words. She continued with a second year of DEALL. Even last year she had compliance issue. At the end of the second year, she was able to express her needs. She is still continuing in DEALL in the afternoon and going to a playschool in the morning. Her interaction with me and people around her has improved. She is spontaneously expressing her needs to all people around. She is also repeating sentences. I know, still there is a long way to go but I know DEALL will help her to be an independent child and to face society later on. DEALL is the place where you get all therapies (speech, OT, Montessori and social skills) in a group, under one roof. We are happy and satisfied with the progress our children have achieved because of DEALL. We would like to give a heartfelt thanks to Dr. Prathibha Karanth and all the therapists at DEALL.

“Com DEALL is a helpful institute for children (with Autism) who have so many different problems. It is a blessing for the parents also. The program teaches parents how to solve the problems in easy ways. My son has Autism, but through the program, I solved this problem and he is now near normal. It is my personal opinion that Com DEALL is a blessing from God. My child and I got positive result after joining the program. The program has taught me not to feel ashamed about my child’s problem, but to provide the right help and to give him a normal life”—

Ms. Monica, Mother of five and a half years old, Aaditya enrolled in Com DEALL unit at Dhanavantari School, Bhuj.

“We were looking into various programs for our child and felt Com DEALL met our requirements of group intervention  program that also provides support to parents in achieving their goals. We find that the curriculum is systematically planned, the therapists are efficient and able to teach new concepts in fun ways often incorporating them into daily activities. The Com DEALL manuals are particularly useful for us as we try to work with our child. We joined the program in this session and are happy to see good improvement in our child’s eye contact and social interaction.”-

Ms Sandhya, mother of a child enrolled in Pre DEALL program at the Head Office


“When our child was first diagnosed with ASD, we were very worried about his future and how we would bring him up. Joining Com DEALL this year has given our child a new birth with substantial progress noted in all aspects. The program helped our child to gain the skills he lacked, and also equipped us to help him. Today, we are confident our child will get mainstreamed, giving us new hope that our child can compete with the changing needs of this challenging world.”

Father of a 2 year 9 month old boy with ASD enrolled at the Com DEALL Mumbai.
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