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Watch some of our parent testimonials. Hear them speak about their child, the Com DEALL Early Intervention program and how their family, along with their child benefitted from the Com DEALL group intervention program / therapy.

"My child at Com DEALL is well protected.... This is a real good platform for our children with ASD....having (a program like) Com DEALL in India is amazing...We would like to thank Dr Karanth and the whole team...." [sic]


Mr Solomon & Mrs Chitra, Child enrolled in batch of 2013-14


"We found better improvement in my son....(he has) become independant and (begun to) enjoy his life...we would like to heartily thank Com are doing a great job! [sic]


Parents of a child enrolled in batch of 2013-14


"For a kid in ASD, he needs intervention with a group of experts.....

(through intervention at Com DEALL) there has been tremendous improvement (in my child)....(Com DEALL has).helped me in how to understand my child.... [sic]


Mr & Mrs Das, Child was enrolled in batch of 2012 - 2013


"Com DEALL has been the best deal for my son's life as well as for us.....over the last one year, we can see a vast change in Gautam's behavior..." [sic]


Amrita Maharana, Child enrolled in batch of 2012-13


(Earlier) we had no direction...we wanted to know what should be done, wanted someone to tell us what to do, wanted him to be integrated (in some way to be within the society)....

(From) the first meeting itself (at Com DEALL), we got alot of confidence...The great thing about Com DEALL (is its focus on) overall development..The best thing I have learnt from Com DEALL is how to handle my kid at home also....

After 3 - 4 months of Com DEALL, depression went away completely (from us), we became more confident and comfrotable in dealing with him (our child)...I (Veena) learnt that if I am happy he (my child) is also happy....


Veena & Husband, Child enrolled in batch of 2012-13

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