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Frequentley Asked Questions : Admission


How will I apply for the Com DEALL program?

Please click here for details of the admission process. 


Why will my child be 'screened'?

Screening of a child is essential for the process of admission at Com DEALL. This process involves interacting and observing the child for at least 30 mins to gain insights on the benefits such a program  may have for the child.


What documentation is required to be brought at the time of 'screening' or admission?

Reports from doctors and therapists (previous / ongoing)  are essential to be brought along during interactions with the Com DEALL staff.


What documents should I read before admission of my child, once accepted into the group post screening?

The 'Affidavit' and the 'Fee Structure' are essential documents to be read by the parents prior to admitting their child to the program. 

Ensuring the Affidavit / terms and conditions are clearly understood and signed against.



Once my child is screened, is his / her admission confirmed?

The screening process, as was stated earlier, ensures that the child is maximally benefitted from the group program. Post scrutiny of the screening, a decision of admission is taken. No admission is confirmed at the time of applying or screening, unless otherwise stated.



How is the admission process different at the different centres?

In the centres around the country, the procedure followed will be similar to the one mentioned earlier.  Assessing and screening the child will be done prior to confirmation of admission. 

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