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Our Group Leaders

Ria Jose (2016) Speech therapist

Ms. Ria Jose has been working as a Speech language Pathologist at the Com DEALL ,Head office since the past 4 years.

Ria completed her Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology at Dr.S.R.Chandrashekar Institute of Speech and Hearing in the year 2011.

Ria is an enthusiastic professional who enjoys sessions with children. She is always seeking new ideas, strategies and better methods to work with the children and their families. She has been able to build a good rapport with the children she intervenes with as well as their parents. Ria’s biggest strength is her calm demeanor, she never losses patience. She stimulates the children with her deep modulated voice and she is capable of handling children of different age group. She has led and been a part of different age group intervention program at Com DEALL.

Preeshja Purushotaman (2016) -Speech therapist

Ms Preeshja Purushotaman completed her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology, and has been a part of the Deall program from the time it was initiated at Octave Hearing and Speech Centre. 

A strong believer of the program, she has shown her capabilities by showing considerable change in the children enrolled for the program with her consistent effort.She is proactive and her skill is excellent in decision making capabilities, and is able to lead meetings for parents.


Shilpa Sankhla (2016)- Occupational Therapist

Ms. Shilpa Sankhla has been working as an Occupational therapist at the Com DEALL Head Office since the past 5 and half years and played a vital role in the training team of Com DEALL HO.She has completed her Bachelor’s degree from Indore Institute of Medical Sciences (M.P) in 2008 and master degree from Santosh Medical College, Gaziabad in 2010.   

Shilpa is certified in Sensory Integration and hand writing without tears (HWT).     Shilpa is an ambitious, committed, punctual professional who thoroughly enjoys her work at Com DEALL. She is energetic, well organized and is always approachable. Shilpa Shows great initiative in her work, high perseverance and positive attitude. 

Sushma.M.R. (2016)- Developmental Educator

Ms Sushma is the  Developmental Therapist  from the Com DEALL unit at S R Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech & Hearing, Bangalore. Coming with Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, and has been working at the DEALL unit since the past 4 years.

Sushma has been very hard working and her creative skills have helped the children in art and the unit for their aesthetic appeal.  She is able to hold the group together and is a good supportive team player. She is a great asset to the unit.

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