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The Com DEALL Trust celebrated its 15th Annual Day in style! The event will be graced  by our loving trustee - Dr Illana Cariapa (Child Psychiatrist, Trustee - the Com DEALL Trust). It was held at Bal Bhavan, Cubbon Park  on the 31st of October 2015 from 10 am - 1 pm. 


The even entailed a formal function - during which - Units were certified at Independant AFfiliates of the Com DEALL Trust. We are proud to announce the four new independant affiliates are 

- Punarjani2010, Ernakulum

- ROSHNI, Gwalior

- Kiran Society, Varanasi

- Karthikeyan Child Developmental Centre, SRMC, Chennai

Read more about the different locations our units are in by clicking HERE.


We even certified a Group leader - Ms Deepu Manjunath during the functiong. She is now a certified Group leader. Read more about this by clicking HERE.


A new award - the C.B. Cariapa Memorial Award was instated this year. It was received for the Com DEALL Visual kit- jointly by Ms Ruth Cherian, Ms Tanushree Saxena Chandhok and Ms Lekshmipriya. Read more about the award by clicking HERE.


The formal function was followed by snack, the chance to play in a play area and a train ride for the children!


You can read our annual report for more details of the previous year by clicking HERE.


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