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Training Programs

In 2010, the Com DEALL Trust ventured into training, at a larger scale. The Head Office, at Bangalore houses the Training Unit. Multiple programs run through this unit.

Awareness programs 

Duration: one-day

These program particularly focus on spreading awareness about Early Identification and Early Intervention of ASD to smaller towns and geographical areas in India, where awareness of ASD is low.

Certificate Training Programs

​Duration: Of varied durations. Generally 3 - 5 days

These certificate programs address the need of different stake holders - parents, educators and professionals including, physicians and therapists and are conducted at Bangalore and elsewhere.

​​Post Graduate diploma in Early Intervention (PGDEI)

Duration: One Year

This year long course targets on knowledge building of individuals with a graduation towards early intervention for children with Developmental disabilities.

The RCI approved course is affiliated to KSOU. Enrolments will begin in July 2013. Look out for more information on this page!

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