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Training Events at DEALL


Up Coming Events!



  • The Com DEALL Trust and its EI program is continuing to expand. Several affiliation requests are coming in! An affiliate training will be conducted in the end of January 2016.


Continue to follow our  'Locations' page and know of the new locations of our affilaite centres!

  • Students of the PGDEI batch 2014-15 have completed their course and have received their results! Congratulations to the students of the batch.


  • Admissions to a certificate program for the Com DEALL Early Intervention program will be announced shortly. Continue to watch this page as well as our Facebook page for updates or write to us for more information!


  • The Com DEALL Trust is open to conducting training programs on request for - building awareness about Early Intervention and Early Identification of ASD, Certificate Training programs for various stakeholders.Contact us for more details.




  • We have successfully conducted out 15th Anniversary celebrations. New units and group leaders were certified. Read more about the same by clicking HERE.


  • We have recently concluded a two day training for PTs and OT of Com DEALL Affiliate units, to further their knowledge on SI, toiletting and feeding skills. It was well received.

We will be happy to conduct the course for other participants who may be interested. Kindly contact us for more details.


  • The Com DEALL Trust, in collaboration with Dr SRCISH, Bangalore conducted a 5 day certificate training program for teachers from Jamalludhin school in Male (Maldives). Good feedback was received on the training titled ' Managing students with communication disorders in inclusive schools at Male'














  • The Com DEALL HO staff have learnt the basics of first aid, through a training by the St Johns Ambulance association representative. 












  • Affiliate training for Ratnagiri team was conducted. The FMIP group intervention is ongoing.

  • The Com DEALL Trust recently concluded conducting a certificate program at Pune for professionals in the second week of March 2015. 











  • We completed a training for our Lucknow affiliate team! They are looking to begin in March! Good luck...

  • We recently completed a Certificate Training program for staff of Com DEALL Affiliate units. The 20th of December, was a great day of interaction and learning at the Head Office, Bangalore!


  • Batch of 13-14 have successfully completed their year end exams and contact classes.














  • A public talk was conducted by Dr Karanth at NIAS, Bangalore. The hour long talk was interesting, informative and interactive. It was a well received talk about Autism!















  • A closed-door workshop on "Inclusion" was successfully conducted at the Com DEALL Head Office, Bangalore on 28th of November 2014. It included a select group of stakeholders- School teacher, parents and administrators. 















  • Four new Affiliate trainee groups were trained at the Head Office between October/ November 2014 to begin The Com DEALL Group program at four more centres across India (Jabalpur, Mizoram, Guwuhati and Ratnagiri)! 


  • A Parent certificate training program on Intervention strategies for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders was completed in December 2014. This gave the parents an understanding how to better equipped themselves to work with their child.












  • We have successfully completed our 14th Affiliate Unit's training program. The unit is our first in Chennai. We have affiliated with Sri Ramachandra Medical College! The group will be running at this new unit, shortly.

  • A successful completon of the five- day certificate training program for Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational therapists, Physiotheripists, Psychologists and other Professionals working with ASD. The program titled- ASD: Current issues and Role of Early Interventionists' was well received by the participants who came from all across India. They attending the program from 18th-22nd August 2014 and heard eminent speakers and trained professionals talk about theoretical and clinical inputs relevant to ASD in the current time.















  • Two new affiliate units completed training in July 2014 -Deepshika,Ranchi and VIMHANS, Delhi. The affiliate units and organizations are gearing to begin soon!

  • A three-day certificate training program for 'educators / teachers' was successfully completed. We are open to conducting more such training programs for educators on request. Contact us for more details.











  • Several awareness talks and inspections have been conducted at our affiliate units. 

  • A two week long affiliate training program was compelted in the second week of Feb 2014. Two new affiliate units at Darpan, Ludhiana and Chethana, Mangalore to begin soon! See our locations page for more details about our affiliate units.

  • A 5- day certificate training program for Professionals was successfully conducted by the Com DEALL Trust at Allahabad. It was organized by the Allahabad Medical College and its Univeristy  from 10th to 14th,  November 2013. Professionals from a variety of background including parents enrolled for this intensive program. Good feedback was received from the participants.

  • Certificate Training Program for Parents was completed at the Com DEALL Head Office. 5 different modules / topics have been covered over 5 months (August to December 2013). Information with regards to 'How to work well with my young child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders)' was disseminated through practially oriented inputs.

  • Partner training of our 10th Com DEALL unit was concluded in the first week of September 2013. A new unit will shortly begin at Bhuj, Gujarat.

  • In-house training for Com DEALL staff and its partner units was conducted on 'Counseling: An effective tool for therapists' by Dr Shelja Sen (Family Therapist, Children First- Delhi) during the end of May 2013. It was very well received.

  • We completed an Awareness Talk at Allahabad on 

   28th April 2013.

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