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Com DEALL's Fund Raiser Event

12th January 2014, Bangalore

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“Miracles” – A concert celebrating music and diversity!


 “There can be miracles…when you believe…though hope is frail…it’s hard to kill…”


And so resonate the words and music of the lovely evening by L’Amor.


L'Amor, a choir of young talented and enterprising singers came together to perform some of the finest Christian contemporary and hymnal music on the 12th of January, 2014 at Bangalore. By spreading love and music, they raised funds for a cause. The proceeds from the show have been given to The Com DEALL Trust.

Through the musical night of 'Miracles', the choir group - L'Amor, accomplished what they set out to do -building awareness for children with Autism and the talent of their group while also moving a step closer towards further acceptance of thsese children! 



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